Q&A – 1

After my presentation to Job Seekers Network on Monday morning I got to do a short Q&A session. Most of the questions were about my experiences writing & publishing. As noted in my last post I want to share those questions and some brief answers to them.

How did you write a book while working full time? Did you use your blog to develop ideas & content?

I’ve been an early riser for years, so writing in the early morning before starting work has become my primary habit. After a full day of work I just don’t have the mental (and sometimes the physical) energy to be creative and thoughtful. I like being the only one up when it’s quiet and dark in the morning and my mind feels fresh.

What’s important is finding a time that works and making it part of your routine. For a while I was able to grab some additional writing time on Sunday evenings after dropping Parker off at church for youth group; rather than go home and drive back to church an hour later I’d go down the street to Starbucks and write. Recently I’ve tried to get more disciplined about writing by blocking time on my calendar, but I never felt the need to do that while working on the book.

I’ve never blogged consistently enough to mine that as a source of content. However, a lot of what I wrote in my book came directly from, or was written in response to, my journals. I haven’t always consistently kept a journal, but being able to go back and re-read what I wrote about my experiences, feelings and thoughts during different seasons of life was invaluable in organizing my story in Leadership In Doubt. I am such a strong proponent of keeping a journal that I’m writing a short e-book on that very topic, and will share some of the content through this blog in the weeks ahead.

Author: Leadership In Doubt

Just another struggling leader, husband, father, writer trying to find his voice and offer something to the world around me.

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