Forgiving myself is hard. As I was reflecting this morning on the tough day I had at work yesterday, I imagined all of my mistakes from past projects and assignments piled up like the wooden bricks in a giant Jenga game. Every time I repeat a mistake or suffer from the same lapse in judgment, I feel like I’m carefully removing a brick from within the tower and stacking it on top. Eventually the tower will fall and crush me, all because I can’t let go of the past and allow myself to start fresh each day.

I’m resolving to make today the day I walk away from the tower. Anyone willing to hold me accountable? “Put down that brick and run – don’t walk! – the other way.”

Author: Leadership In Doubt

Just another struggling leader, husband, father, writer trying to find his voice and offer something to the world around me.

3 thoughts on “Jenga”

  1. Hi, Jae, from Lee.
    I will hold you accountable. I do the same thing, lack of forgiveness, mistake repeating. I have overcome a lot if it by: let go what I can from the past, give myself credit for times I don’t make mistakes, give myself credit for trying and succeeding or skipping. I try to treat myself as I would a loved one! I learned that from Getting over missing deceased live ones after caring for them from a long illness. Care for yourself as you would them. Old habits don’t have to die hard. They can vanish in a second. Sometimes we repeat mistakes because they work in a pinch! It takes practice filling up our time with freshness. Meditation and deep breathing help create a quick replacement for the old movie reels we run. Also, answers and solutions don’t always come when we DEMAND that we are ready to receive them. Give yourself time. Give yourself space to get out of your way. You can do it!


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