Jobless with Jae – A Tale of Two Resumés

When I was laid off three years ago I received some excellent career counseling. The most important thing I learned was that my twenty year old resume would never be taken seriously. After a lot of back and forth with my coach, and multiple edits later, I finally had a document worth sharing.

Going into this job search I assumed that my modern resume would be an instant asset, but I failed to consider that, if I am serious about a career change at this stage of my life, my resume needs to emphasize achievements and skills that demonstrate my competence in the necessary areas. Now I have two resumes – one focused on operations, the other focused on training and development. If I’d thought about this a week ago I could have supplied a much stronger resume for a couple of the jobs for which I’ve already applied.

Lesson learned, and I hope this helps a few other prospective job seekers too.

Jobless with Jae

For the second time in just over three years I have, against my will, joined the ranks of the unemployed. Three weeks shy of my 3-year anniversary, Sears eliminated not only my job but the jobs of most of my teammates. I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened – it’s Sears, after all – but that didn’t make the reality of sudden joblessness any less disheartening.

So now what?

When I was laid off three years ago, the most important thing for me to do was find a “good job” as soon as possible. My motivation wasn’t finding a job that I really wanted to do; what I really cared about was finding any job that paid well. After three months of getting nowhere, I was ready to take whatever I could get, even though we still had a severance safety net.

This time I am approaching the job search with a different goal in mind: finding a job that will actually make me happy, fulfilled and excited about the future. Rather than limiting myself to a focus on call centers – “that’s what I know best” – I plan to cast as wide a net as possible, both vocationally and geographically. At this stage in my life, why not dream big (or crazy) and explore anything and everything that’s out there?

I’m not blogging about this to solicit job offers or leads, but if you have perspectives on unemployment and the job hunt I hope you’ll share them here.